Die Quarterlife Crisis

Die bisher schwerste Phase meines Lebens kam zu früh und musste bewältigt werden. Am Ende hat sie mir zu definierten Ziele und einer neuen Sichtweise verholfen.

Dieser Blogpost wird wieder mal einen persönlichen Bereich von mir zeigen, denn ich werde über eine Krise berichten die mich schon seit einiger Zeit eingeholt hat. Genau genommen gab es erste Anzeichen vor rund vier Monaten (Juni).

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Build components with Scss

Everybody write, talk or read about OOCSS. A scalable frontend can’t live without it and it’s the best approach for writing clean CSS. A project consists of many modules, which you can use in any environment. It’s not based on your wrapper (layout), because each one works itself.
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Quick hint: One argument with infinite values for Sass-Mixins

If I develop a website, then there come often small problems again and again. Now I had the problem that I wrote a mixin and want to include more then one value for it, but I declared only one parameter.

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Quick hint: Sass-Maps for icon-fonts

Make it easier to handle your classes for icons with a config. If you have a new one, then you update the config and you get it! I will show you a quick solution with a sass-map – my generator for icon-font is Fontastic. Easy peasy!

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Scss-Styleguide with BEM, OOCSS & SMACSS

With scalable projects come more complexity and higher requirements. Standards will facilitate the daily work in different projects for your team.

Styleguides become more popular at the developer-community. The projects get more complexity, are bigger and to maintain the code become harder. Mostly you are not alone and work in a team with smart people.
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Scss-Grid with ease

Create a solid responsive grid-system with Scss

Want to start with a project, but you need a solid responsive grid-sytem? After you find something, you must read the documentation how you can use it, but then it’s not flexible enough for your kind of usage. I had these problems, too. Because of this I started to develop my own grid with scss. I know how it works, it’s flexible enough and the grid of my choice.
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